Exmoor Pony Centre 2015 Calendar now available!

The 2015 Exmoor Pony Centre calendar features beautiful photographs of the Moorland Mousie Trust’s ponies grazing on sites across Britain, including North Berwick and Traprain.  All proceeds from the calendar raise essential funds for the work of the Trust.  A bargain at £8 including p&p!






all the ponies were looking glossy and plump this afternoon, obviously enjoying munching on the range of grass that they have on the site!  New boy Fir has settled in so well with the group.

Cooling Off Time



The beautiful new pony, Fir (aged 11) came to join us today, thanks to the Moorland Mousie Trust and World Horse Welfare.  It was a beautiful hot day, and the guys took themselves off to the pond to cool off.  There was naturally some pushing, shoving and general testing of boundaries, but ultimately all went pretty well.  Fir is a very handsome pony with a particularly stunning mane.  Really hope he likes it here with us!


Crazy Horses!


Oberon and GadgetOberon on the left here is massively improved after being on anti-inflammatories since Wednesday.  We watched him charging down the slope with the rest of the gang tonight, a brilliant improvement over last weekend when he was really struggling with lameness. There was thunder and lightning which seemed to energise the gang, who were play fighting and racing along the flat.  Gadget (pictured on the right) is trying to convince us that he really needs apple medicine too!

Medicine Time!


Medicine TimeIt stands to reason that when we needed to medicate one of the ponies, it would be Oberon, who is naturally one of the shyer ponies in the gang.  What a difference a day can make, though.  Yesterday he had to be gently coaxed to accept the medicated apple. Today he pushed the others out of the way to get to us!  For Oberon, treacle is the answer to at least some of life’s big questions.  His leg looks a great deal better today, which makes me arriving home covered in treacle worthwhile!

My next task may well be to get him to accept having his teeth brushed…

A Visit from the Vet!



Mr Malcolm Corsar from Central Equine Vets very kindly came out to have a look at Oberon’s sore leg today.

We’re all very relieved that it looks like Oberon will be able to stay with us and not have to be taken away for treatment.  He’s receiving anti-inflammatories for the next 10 days, and will hopefully make a full recovery.

Malcolm also happens to be the vet who gelded the ponies, so they are remarkably forgiving!